Discover the "Valentine's Day Menu" by Sébastien Tantot.

Valentine's Day Menu

Like a Winter Stroll in Picardy, what a joy to welcome you to the Inn this Wednesday, February 14, 2024

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Comforting Extract of Deer Pâté

Compiegne game deer, dew-kissed Parisian Flower, with nutmeg

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Stroll by the Pond,

Delicate Frog Diaphanous to be eaten with fingers

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The Topaz of the Countess du Barry

Smoked trout in our beautiful fireplace, belly scratchings under a broken vegetable jelly, delicate extraction of du Barry

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The Puffed Pike Nut, sweetened with Savory Vinegar

Pounded Martigues bottarga and pollen from our hives

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Colonel's Crawfish

Decorticated, presented barely fragmented, invigorated with wood sorrel

On the side, warm mustard mayonnaise

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Discovery of the Compiègne Forest, Oak Lichen and Bark in frozen pulp

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Grilled Milk-Fed Lamb, wood-fired cooked beetroot

Flame-cooked rack, rosehip beetroot

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Cheese Trolley by Mickael

Selection from "La Boite à Fromages" in Compiègne by the Marvelous Nathalie, Honey from our hives

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Honey from our hives, beaten with nutmeg

A.k.a Crazy Maya !!!

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The Crystalline, Memory of a Wedding Dress

Perfume of Refreshed Potager Herbs with Seasonal Citrus

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Sweet Treats

Paçoquinha, Memory from Brazil, Roasted Peanut and Fleur de Sel

Macamauve creation by Cesar 

Crunchy vanilla chestnut cream


Menu alone at €180
Menu with welcome cocktail and wines at €245 (excluding water and coffee)