Discover the “Assumption” menu by Sébastien Tantot

Menu "National Day"

Sunday, July 14, 2024

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Malassise flavored with tarama and Marseille sumac

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The "Pati" tomato cake,

Intense fruit juices, pistachio, and nasturtium accompany it

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Souffléd pike nut, sweetened with savory vinegar

Crushed bottarga from Martigues and pollen from our hives

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The tender steamed yellow chicken soufflé,

Crab boat sauce and foie gras

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Selection of cheeses mainly highlighting our beautiful region

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Lemon vinegar ice, strawberries, and raspberries from the Inn

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Sweet treats

Paçoquinha, memory of Brazil, roasted peanut and Fleur de Sel

Macamauve creation by César


Menu only €130

Menu with food and wine pairing €215